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If you have any questions that you think would benefit you or other readers or both... ASK!  Just fill out the form below.  You don't have to provide your name or any personal details, and I'll certainly answer questions from "Anonymous" and her cousins.  Basically, I just want to provide somewhat of a safe place for you to ask if you don't feel ready to approach people around you about this touchy subject.  And almost definitely your question or situation will somewhat mirror someone else's.  I can't guarantee I'm the best source, that I know the best sources, or that I'll even be helpful... but I'll try to do these things!  There, if that wasn't enough of a disclaimer to discourage you... ask away!  (Note: I may publish your question in some form.  Let me know if you don't want certain/any details divulged.  Or just don't give me any details that people in your life could link to you.)

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Although I don't always get to respond to all inquiries, please check your spam/junk folder for an email with "How To Quit Law School" in the subject line.