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I was on my way to becoming a history teacher when the idea of going to law school was planted in my head.  That seedling of an idea grew up fast and I went.  I knew I wouldn't love everything about it before I decided to go, and I knew it would be difficult.  I also was fully aware that I would probably never be madly in love with law school or the practice of law.  But there were many aspects of the law that I found interesting and valuable enough that I thought I could make a go at it.  I started out doing fine, but over time it wore on me.  I really started to change in ways that I didn't like, I realized that even some of the idealized law jobs I had in my mind were not as great as I thought they might be, and life happened, etc... I decided to quit.  It was a tough decision, but I'm glad I made it.  I'm also glad I went to law school for the time I did.  I wish I could say that my life is perfect now.  It's not.  There are some difficult ramifications in my life because of the decision to go and not finish.  However, I am definitely a happier person--more like the one I knew before I enrolled in law school--than I ever was during law school.  

This blog was originally one of my outlets for dealing with this decision.  I think I'm probably odd in how vocal I am about quitting law school, but I also think there's enough to hate about law school that most people don't judge me for my decision.  So why not be vocal?  When I was making my choice, I was disappointed by the lack of resources on the web, at least resources from people who could empathize.  I did find some who told their harrowing stories of quitting law school, and they were helpful.  So I started this blog also to contribute to the voices available to let law students know they're not alone in this choice.  

I hope that those who come here leave having a better idea about ways they can approach their issues with law school.  I hope people will feel free to ask me questions.  I hope people will feel free to share their stories.  

As I find more resources, go through more relevant experiences, and hear from people in this situation I will update this blog.  Let me know if you feel you want to contribute in some way to this blog or have ideas for how I might change it to better serve people.

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